Audacity of love

audacity of love

I thought I murdered you
left you broken and lifeless
in the back alley of unfulfilled potential
with my other victims of broken promises
and the massacre of tin foil pipe dreams…
No CSI forensic techniques to find even the minute traces of evidence
clean roomed my escape
and left you there…
bleeding hope,

bleeding faith

bleeding patience.
Yet here you are
with your foot in the door of my heart
that stays ajar because you deem yourself
resurrected and barge
your way back in here

Nothing is fair in this war is it?

Kidnap my thoughts
choke my dreams and
put a strait jacket around my sanity
I am losing my mind because I still
don’t know how you got here
nobody’s suppose to be here
because the thing we both know…we need is


But here you are again
telling me that you are not boastful
you are kind and patient
That you run through my mind
like barefoot kids across
sun baked blacktop
and I am nothing without you
and I tell you…
that is exactly
what I want to be
…nothing in your game anymore


because there are no winners in your game
even tennis calls a zero score….your name


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